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About Us

We help clients build beauty brands women want to buy.

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The Beauty Company
Who We Are

Founded in 2006, The Beauty Company (TBC) is a strategy firm that lives, works and dreams at the intersection of beauty, business and creativity. Knowing that beauty isn’t just a project, it’s a passion, TBC uses an award-winning, multi-disciplinary approach to create beauty and personal care products that deliver beautiful yet functional solutions carefully attuned to the realities of your particular business.

Whether a new indie-darling or established corporate visionary, TBC’s unique understanding of what consumers want, need and desire lets us secure both sell-in and sell-through at retail.

TBC specializes in research, product and brand strategy. We have worked with start-ups to 13 of the top 15 beauty companies globally and have a proven and award-winning track record in cosmetics, skincare, beauty devices, body care, hair care, nail care, fragrance and wellness/personal care.

Building a Beauty Business, Not Just a Brand.

TBC is the ideal partner for beauty industry executives, entrepreneurs, retailers and dreamers alike. Each client opportunity has allowed us to integrate our proven capabilities to amplify our offerings and create a truly powerful impact on each one of our client’s businesses.

Our services are ideally aligned to retailers seeking private label development; celebrities, doctors or industry experts seeking to enter the beauty space; manufacturers and raw suppliers looking to expand their product innovations or optimize their formulations; venture capitalists considering new investment opportunities; salons and spas seeking to grow their personal-care business; and beauty brands looking to rebrand, reposition or expand their existing assortments or develop new SKUs/ product lines.

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