Hair Color 33 vs 30: Find Your Perfect Shade!

hair color 33 vs 30

Choosing the right hair color is a daunting task, and it all begins with finding the perfect shade that complements your skin tone and preferences. With countless options on the market, navigating the differences between hair color 33 and 30 can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision on which shade will suit you best.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hair color 33 and 30 are two popular options that have distinct differences and similarities.
  • Understanding the characteristics, intensity, and undertones of each shade is essential to choosing the right color for you.
  • Customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the outcome and satisfaction levels associated with each shade.
  • Choosing the best hair color for you involves considering your skin tone, eye color, personal style, and preferences.
  • When dyeing hair at home, it is important to follow instructions carefully and take the necessary precautions to ensure a successful result.

What is Hair Color 33?

Hair Color 33 is a rich and vibrant shade of auburn with warm undertones. It is known for its ability to add depth and dimension to hair while imparting a natural-looking shine. This color is a go-to for those looking to add warmth to their hair, making it an excellent choice for fall and winter seasons.

Hair Color 33 has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more individuals looking to achieve that natural looking auburn tone. Many top hair color brands offer a range of shades in this color, which makes it more accessible and easier to find a shade that suits you best.

Characteristics of Hair Color 33

Hair Color 33 is a rich and warm shade of auburn that has a mix of red and golden undertones. It is a more intense and darker shade compared to other auburn shades, making it an excellent choice if you are looking for a more robust and dynamic look. It works well on individuals with light and medium skin tones, but it can be too overpowering for those with very fair or very dark skin.

One of the main characteristics of Hair Color 33 is its ability to blend seamlessly with natural hair color – especially brown and black hair, giving it a subtle upgrade. This color looks great on all hair types, but it’s particularly flattering on fine, straight hair, providing an appearance of more volume and texture to hair.

Popular Brands Offering Hair Color 33

Brand Product Name
Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair Color Creme, Dark Golden Mahogany (33)
Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Color, Dark Auburn (33)
L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Permanent Hair Color, Dark Golden Mahogany (4.3)

Some of the most popular brands that offer Hair Color 33 are Garnier, Clairol, and L’Oreal Paris. These brands offer a range of products that cater to various hair types, ensuring that you can always achieve your desired hair color with ease. It’s essential to read hair color 33 reviews and choose a brand that delivers the right level of quality for your hair and protection.

hair color 33

What is Hair Color 30?

Hair color 30 is a lustrous shade of dark brown, with undertones of red and gold. It is slightly lighter than hair color 33, and has a warm, natural appearance that complements a range of skin tones. Some popular brands that offer hair color 30 include Garnier, L’Oreal, and Clairol.

This shade is often chosen by individuals who desire a subtle change from their natural hair color, while still achieving a noticeable difference. Hair color 30 is also an excellent choice for those seeking to cover gray hair, as it creates a youthful, vibrant look.

Looking for reviews of this shade? Check out our hair color 30 reviews section.

hair color 30 vs 33

Undertones and Characteristics of Hair Color 30

The primary undertones of hair color 30 are red and gold, making it an excellent choice for individuals with warmer skin tones. It is a relatively dark shade, with some natural variation in the hair follicles. Because of this variability, it may appear different from one person to another, depending on individual factors such as hair texture and natural hair color.

Overall, hair color 30 is known for its glossy appearance and natural look. It can be easily styled for a range of formal and casual occasions, providing a versatile option for individuals seeking a refined and chic appearance.

Differences Between Hair Color 33 and 30

If you’re wondering what sets apart hair color 33 from hair color 30, we’ve got you covered. While both shades belong to the medium-dark range and complement a variety of skin tones, there are some fundamental differences worth highlighting.


One of the most noticeable differences between hair color 33 and 30 is the hue. Hair color 33 is a rich, mahogany brown with subtle red undertones, while hair color 30 is a more muted, cocoa brown with cooler, ashy undertones.

hair color 33 vs 30 difference


Another aspect to consider is the intensity of the shades. Hair color 33 is a more vibrant and bold color than hair color 30, which is more subdued and natural-looking. If you’re looking for a dramatic change, hair color 33 may be the way to go, while hair color 30 is a better choice for a subtle upgrade or a soft transition from your natural hair color.

Skin Tone Complement

Finally, both shades have different skin tone complements. Hair color 33 tends to look stunning on people with warm skin tones and bring out golden undertones, while hair color 30 is a better match for people with cooler skin tones and enhances pink undertones.

When making your choice between hair color 33 and 30, consider your skin tone, natural hair color, and desired look. With these differences in mind, you’re sure to select the shade that best suits you.

Reviews of Hair Color 33 vs 30

When considering a new hair color, it’s essential to hear from individuals who have tried the shade before. Here, we’ve compiled a selection of reviews for hair color 33 and 30 to give you a better understanding of the results and satisfaction associated with each.

Product Rating (out of 5) Comments
Hair Color 33 4.3 “I absolutely love this color! It’s a rich red with a bit of gold undertones that look amazing in the sun.”
Hair Color 30 3.7 “This shade is a nice medium brown, but it definitely turned out darker than I anticipated. Still happy with the end result, though.”
Hair Color 33 vs 30 4.0 “I tried both shades, and while I loved the richness of 33, I found that 30 complemented my skin tone more. It’s all about personal preference!”

Overall, it seems that individuals who have tried hair color 33 tend to be pleased with the boldness and depth of the shade. However, hair color 30 is also a popular choice, especially for those seeking a more natural and subdued look. It’s essential to consider your skin tone and personal preferences when making a decision.

Remember to conduct a patch test before dyeing your hair to ensure you aren’t allergic to the product. Additionally, following all instructions and taking proper precautions when dyeing your hair at home is crucial.

Choosing the Right Hair Color for You

If you’re thinking of dyeing your hair and are wondering which color to choose, take into consideration factors such as your skin tone and eye color. These colors can determine which hair colors will look best on you.

For example, if you have a warm skin tone, which has yellow or golden undertones, rich browns, golden blondes, and coppery reds will complement your complexion. On the other hand, if you have a cool skin tone, which has pink or blue undertones, ashy blondes, cool browns, and burgundy hues will look best.

When choosing the right hair color, it’s also important to consider your eye color. Certain shades can bring out the natural beauty of your eyes. For instance, if you have blue eyes, platinum blonde, rich brunette, and deep brown shades can make your eyes pop. Green eyes tend to pair well with golden blonde, auburn, and rust-red shades.

Along with your skin tone and eye color, personal preferences also play a role in choosing the perfect hair color. Consider hues that you’re particularly drawn to, ones that you feel reflect your personality or make you feel confident.

With all these factors in mind, it’s important to do plenty of research and possibly consult with a professional stylist to ensure you make an informed decision. Reviewing hair color guides and shades comparisons can also help you narrow down your options and find the ideal color for you.

Dyeing Hair at Home: Tips and Precautions

If you’re planning to dye your hair at home, it’s crucial to take the necessary precautions to avoid any mishaps. Before beginning the process, be sure to read the instructions carefully and gather all the necessary tools, including a mixing bowl, brush, gloves, and petroleum jelly to prevent staining on your skin.

Since we’re focusing on hair color 33 and 30, it’s essential to note that the shades may vary based on your natural hair color and the amount of time you leave the dye on. As a result, we recommend performing a strand test to determine the ideal length of time and the result shade before you apply it to your entire head.

Some tips for dyeing hair at home include:

  • Wearing old clothes to avoid staining any new items
  • Applying petroleum jelly to your forehead, ears, and neck to avoid skin staining
  • Dividing your hair into small sections to ensure equal distribution of dye
  • Using a timer to ensure you don’t leave the dye in for too long or too little
  • Wrapping your hair in a shower cap to help the color set and avoid staining your surroundings

Remember that dyeing hair at home can be risky, and it’s best to have someone assist you with hard-to-reach areas or hard-to-style hair. If you have any doubts about the process or run into any issues, it’s best to seek professional help.

In conclusion, with thorough preparation and cautiousness, dyeing hair at home can be a fun and cost-effective way to rejuvenate your look. Be sure to make a well-informed decision, especially when it comes to shades like hair color 33 and 30. Be ready for any potential risks and take all necessary precautions to guarantee a safe and satisfying hair dyeing experience.


Choosing the right hair color can have a significant impact on your overall appearance and boost your confidence. When comparing hair color 33 vs 30, it’s essential to consider the unique traits and variations between each shade.

In the end, the hair color that suits you best depends on several factors, including your skin tone, eye color, and desired style. It’s crucial to make an informed decision and choose a shade that complements your natural features.

Whether you prefer the fiery intensity of hair color 33 or the soft and subtle hue of hair color 30, both shades have their own unique advantages.

By taking the time to explore the differences between hair color 33 and 30, you can make an informed decision and achieve your desired hair transformation.

So, whether you’re dyeing your hair at home or visiting a salon, make sure to keep our hair color guide and tips in mind to ensure a successful and satisfying experience.

Overall, both hair color 33 and 30 have their own merits, and choosing the right shade ultimately depends on your individual preferences. We hope this comparison has helped you make the right choice for your hair color journey.

Get ready to rock your new look with confidence!


What is the difference between hair color 33 and 30?

Hair color 33 and 30 are both shades of hair dye, but they have different undertones and intensity levels. Hair color 33 has a deeper red tone, while hair color 30 has a medium brown tone. Additionally, hair color 33 is generally more vibrant and intense than hair color 30.

Can I use hair color 33 if I have dark hair?

Yes, you can use hair color 33 on dark hair. However, keep in mind that the resulting shade may be more subdued and less vibrant compared to using it on lighter hair. It is always recommended to do a strand test or consult a professional to ensure the desired outcome.

Will hair color 30 cover gray hair?

Hair color 30 is a medium brown shade, which can effectively cover gray hair. However, the coverage may vary depending on the percentage of gray hair and the original hair color. If you have a lot of gray hair, you may need to leave the dye on for a longer time or opt for a higher intensity shade.

Which hair color is better for olive skin tones, 33 or 30?

Both hair color 33 and 30 can complement olive skin tones, but the choice ultimately depends on the desired look. Hair color 33, with its red undertones, can create a warm and vibrant appearance. Hair color 30, with its medium brown tone, can provide a more natural and subtle look. Consider your personal preferences and style when choosing between the two.

Can I mix hair color 33 and 30 to create a custom shade?

Yes, you can mix hair color 33 and 30 to create a custom shade. Start by mixing equal parts of each color and adjust the ratio based on the desired result. Mixing the two shades can help you achieve a unique and personalized hair color that suits your preferences.

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